The Best (And Worst) Things to Buy in July

shutterstock_66870907July is a particularly important month to plan purchases, since a number of sales will appear to be better than they are. So in order to protect your wallet and spend your money wisely, be sure to read through our July buying guide below for everything you need to know to shop smart this month.

Wait Until Labor Day for Bedding Sales

The one “usual suspect” for holiday weekend sales that we actually recommend skipping in July is bedding; for the past three years, Labor Day sales have taken much stronger discounts on these items than Independence Day promotions. If you wait until September, you’ll find a much higher number of Editors’ Choice sets, too.

Tablets Are So Hot Right Now

July is primed to be an excellent month for Android tablet deals, as we’ve recently seen an influx of high-quality discounts. In fact, the number of Editors’ Choice deals on tablets quadrupled in the month of May, and the stream of sales has held strong through June. While it tapered off slightly last month, there was still double the number of Editors’ Choice deals than normal. Slate shoppers should look for sales from stores like Staples, Lenovo, Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart. And if you’re open to a refurbished or used model, then both Android tablets and iPads are fair game; keep an eye on CowBoom and eBay for these top-notch used deals.

Mixed Messages on Apple Devices

As far as Apple buying advice goes, it’s an interesting month. The tech giant debuted a “new” 16GB iPod touch as well as an update to its MacBook Air. We’re recommending that consumers hold off on buying the touch though until about September, when reseller deals should knock $39 off the retail price, dropping it to $190. As far as the MacBook Air is concerned, normally we would advise shoppers to skip the latest generation laptop from Apple and look for a deal on the very similar previous generation. However, the updates to the MacBook Air this year are actually quite substantial, offering a better value for your money than last year’s Ivy Bridge model. That said, you can still get a small discount of about $49 if you wait up to two months for a reseller deal.

Laptops Poised to Hit New Lows

Although July typically conjures up images of BBQs and picnics, this month expect to be bombarded with laptop deals. Last month Intel introduced its newest processor, Haswell, which offers improved battery life and better graphics performance than the previous 2012 Ivy Bridge generation. As a result, July will see a flood of deals on “older” Ivy Bridge-based laptops, many of which are still very capable machines. Combined with back-to-school sales, consumers can expect to see some killer laptop deals this month.

This article was written by Lindsay Sakraida and originally published at To read the entire list of things to buy and not buy, click here.

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