Lora Benrud Begins Chief Executive Officer Role at WESTconsin Credit Union

Lora_2014_2WESTconsin Credit Union is pleased to announce Lora Benrud as Chief Executive Officer. Benrud was selected by WESTconsin’s Board of Directors to replace recently retired CEO, Greg Lentz, who worked at the credit union for 40 years. In her new role, Benrud oversees financial and lending services, information and technology, marketing, operations, and talent management.

Benrud brings 30 years of experience at WESTconsin Credit Union to the position, along with her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration. She presently serves on the boards for Stepping Stones of Dunn County and the Western Wisconsin Chapter of the American Red Cross. Benrud began working for WESTconsin as a part time teller in 1984 while attending graduate school and her career advanced from there. She previously held the position of Chief Financial Officer.

“I have enjoyed working with Greg and look forward to leading WESTconsin Credit Union in its mission to be the best we can be for our members, employees, and communities,” Benrud noted. When not spending time with family and friends, she enjoys reading, traveling, and sporting activities. Benrud can be contacted at (715) 235-3403 ext. 7727 or lbenrud@westconsincu.org.

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